Our Great Region 2040 Workgroups

The Our Great Region 2040 workgroups included both subject matter experts and representatives from different geographic areas who provided a reality check on the differing needs of the region's urban, suburban, rural, and coastal communities.

The Technical Advisory Group, or subject matter experts, focused on sustainability as it pertains to transportation and infrastructure, housing, environmental impact, social equity, economic development, and healthy communities. This group evaluated our region's current systems, identified challenges and opportunities to sustainability, and develop specific metrics for assessment of goals.

The Regional Transect Group, or regional representatives,focused on sustainability as it applies to the rural, suburban, urban, and coastal areas of the region, reviewed the suitability of metrics for each geographic area, and reviewed implementation strategies.


Workgroup Activities


Alternatives Analysis Workshop

Members of the Technical Advisory Groups, the Regional Transect Groups and the Coordinating Committee turned out to learn about the results of the Think 2040 Alternatives Analysis Survey on December 10, 2012.

This event brought together all of the workgroup members and provided an important chance to learn about how residents of our region responded to the survey and to begin brainstorming about the next steps in developing the plan.


Alternatives Survey Results by Jeff Taebel, H-GAC Community and Environmental Planning Director




Goals and Metrics Symposium

Members of both the Technical Advisory Groups and Regional Transect Groups met on April 13, 2012, to continue discussing goals and metrics for what sustainability could look like in our region.


Workgroups: Goals & Metrics Symposium Presentation by Jeff Taebel, H-GAC Community and Environmental Planning Director, PDF (776K)

Meeting Materials

Agenda PDF (152K)

Terminology Worksheet PDF (122K)

People, Places and Prosperity Worksheet PDF (125K)

Goal Assignment Guide PDF (374K)

Draft Goals PDF (132K)

Public Engagement Summary PDF (360K)

Current Work Status PDF (108K)

FAQ PDF (254K)

Goal Progression PDF (134K)


People attending the Goals and Metrics Symposium



Developing Draft Goals

The Technical Advisory Groups and the Regional Transect Groups (TAG/RTG) meetings were held in November 2011 to gain input on regional goals and potential metrics relating to sustainability in housing, transportation, healthy communities, the economy, and the environment.

The goals broadly presented a regional framework for the plan. The TAG/RTG meetings resulted in around 25 draft goals and hundreds of potential metrics.

In an effort to condense the large list of goals, a team of H-GAC staff and Coordinating Committee representatives identified overlaps between goals to create a broader list of goals that still capture the essence of the work done in the workgroups. The goals were merged into a framework of "People, Places and Prosperity" and condensed into 12 draft goals. These broad goals were approved by the Coordinating Committee, presented at the public meetings and discussed on MindMixer.

Considering input from residents and community leaders, these draft goals were revised and expanded to reflect the 15 goals used to develop Our Great Region 2040.


Pyramid Showing People, Places and Prosperity


Metrics Fundamentals

Members of both the Technical Advisory Groups and Regional Transect Groups met on November 17, 2011, to begin drafting goals and metrics for what sustainability could look like in our region. Prior to the workgroups meeting to discuss potential goals and metrics, both groups participated in a metrics fundamentals learning session on October 26, 2011.

Learning Session

Metrics Tool Kit
Presentation Slides
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Technical Advisory Groups Draft Goals and Metrics

Healthy Communities
Transportation and Infrastructure

Regional Transect Groups Applicability of Draft Goals and Metrics





Workgroup Kick Off Meeting

The Workgroup Kick Off event, held August 5, 2011, brought together all of the technical and transect workgroups to begin defining what sustainability means for our region and consider the steps for working to develop Our Great Region 2040.


Workgroup Kickoff by Jeff Taebel, H-GAC Community and Environmental Planning Director

Definitions, Opportunities and Challenges

During the kickoff event, each of the workgroups met and reported back on their definition of sustainability, the number one challenge, and the number one opportunity within their workgroup area. These definitions, challenges and opportunities are available by workgroup.

Notes from Breakout Groups

Workgroup members convened in breakout sessions to brainstorm various aspects of sustainability and what it means to different areas of the region. Notes from the sessions are available by workgroup.

Workgroup Expertise

One of the exercises participants completed during facilitated breakout sessions was designed to help determine where the workgroups had the greatest expertise and the greatest need for additional input. This was conducted through a simple dot exercise, the result of which are available by workgroup.



Peer Information Exchange

H-GAC, along with a consortium of community, government and nonprofit agencies hosted a Peer Information Exchange on March 28, 2011, to begin collaborating with organizations throughout our region to combine resources to reach the greatest number of people. Groups learned more about sustainability projects in the region and shared their ideas and concerns about developing a plan to help our region grow in a sustainable way.



Sustainability Peer Information Exchange
Jeff Taebel, Director Community & Environmental Planning, Houston-Galveston Area Council

Galveston's Resilient Housing Codes
Lori Schwarz, Assistant Director of Planning of the City of Galveston

Childhood Obesity Initiative
Rocaille Roberts, M.P.H, Director of the Office of Policy and Planning for Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services, and Linda Forys, Director of Health Education and Promotion for HCPHES

Constructing Homes with Recycled and Salvaged Materials
Dan Phillips, Founder of Phoenix Commotion



Our Great Region 2040
Houston-Galveston Area Council

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