Vision, Goals and Metrics

The vision, goals, and metrics are a reflection of input about the desired future growth and development of our region.


Summary of the Vision, Goals and Metrics


The aim of Our Great Region 2040 is for our region to be one of the world's greatest places to live, work, and succeed, as defined by measurable goals, by the year 2040.

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The 15 goals of the plan are organized around the framework of “People, Places, and Prosperity.” The public helped shape these goals through an extensive public engagement process. These goals allow us to help measure our progress and success toward achieving the vision of a great region.

People Places Prosperity
Residents have access to education and training opportunities to allow them to realize their full potential. Our region coordinates infrastructure, housing, and transportation investments, creating areas of opportunity and enhancing existing neighborhoods. Our region has a diverse economy and skilled workforce that support businesses, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
Residents live in safe, healthy communities with transportation options, including walking, biking, transit and driving. Our region values and preserves its unique ecosystems, working landscapes, parks, and open spaces, and the ecological benefits they provide. Resident have access to job opportunities that support a good quality of life and financial stability.
Our region enjoys clean and plentiful water, air, soil and food resources to sustain healthy future generations. Communities have a range of quality housing choices that meet the diverse needs and preferences of all residents. Transportation infrastructure promotes effective goods movement and is well-connected to other global destinations.
Residents are physically and mentally healthy and are able to lead healthy lifestyles. Our region efficiently uses, reuses, and conserves its natural resources by managing waste. Our region embraces its rich multicultural, historical, and natural assets to ensure our communities retain their unique character.
Our region provides choices for individuals and for local communities to fulfill their needs. Communities are strengthened by strong social ties, local gathering places, and residents who participate in social, civic, service, and faith organizations. Our region is resilient and adaptive to economic downturns and environmental or natural disasters.


Objectives are the measurable outcomes needed to achieve the goals. The objectives serve as the foundation for developing strategies.  Initially, the Coordinating Committee developed more than 100 objectives, but decided fewer, stronger, and more achievable objectives would be more useful.


Achieving the goals and Big Ideas in the plan will take time. We can measure our region's progress by tracking key performance metrics. Metrics need to be meaningful and based on quantifiable data. With the assistance of workgroup members, performance metrics were identified during the planning process.


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