Our Great Region 2040 Plan Documents

Information on creating Our Great Region 2040 and reports related to topics covered in the plan.


The Plan

A high-level, 36-page plan to make our region one of the world's greatest places to live, work, and succeed by the year 2040 as defined by measurable goals.

Existing Conditions

The Existing Conditions Report is baseline regional data, and the County Profiles offer information for each of our region's 13 counties.

Guidebook for Local Governments

The Guidebook for Local Governments highlights examples of sustainable practices in terms of policies and initiatives used by other local governments across the nation.

Case Studies

The case studies in Bay City, the Bayou Greenway, Brazoria County, Galveston, Houston and Huntsville explore how local communities are moving toward implementation.

Community Resource Guide

The Community Resource Guide provides information to help navigate services in your community.

Community Engagement Report

The Community Engagement Report Community Engagement Report details the public engagement process and feedback.

Strategy Playbook

The Strategy Playbook, contains more than 80 voluntary strategies and more detailed information, including examples from communities in this region and elsewhere.

Vision and Goals

The vision, goals, objectives and metrics are a reflection of the region's preferences for future development in the H-GAC region.

Think 2040 Alternatives and Survey

The Think 2040 survey presented four alternative futures and provided information to gauge public attitudes about the tradeoffs associated with each alternative.

Fair Housing Equity Assessment

The Fair Housing Equity Assessment which examines linkages between housing, socioeconomic, and demographic factors across Our Region's rural, suburban, and urban transects.

Best Practices Report

The Best Practices Report explores how other communities are addressing similar challenges.

Regional Equity Profile

The Regional Equity Profile, a report completed by PolicyLink and PERE addresses how to advance equity in Our Region.


Our Great Region 2040
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