Fair Housing Equity Assessment

The purpose of the Fair Housing and Equity Assessment (FHEA) was to identify baseline conditions for fair housing, equity, and opportunity across our region.

H-GAC drew upon the expertise of three groups throughout the FHEA process:

  1. Fair Housing and Equity Workgroup (FHEW),
  2. BBC Research & Consulting (BBC), and
  3. Kirwan Institute.

The FHEW included several local governments with housing programs, non-profits and fair housing and equity advocacy groups from across all transects. While the work was regional in nature, specific analyses was conducted at the county and municipal level for the jurisdictions distributed across the urban, suburban, and rural areas.

FHEA Conclusions

  • Our region's population has become more diverse during the past decade, especially outside the core urban areas.
  • The dissimilarity index - a measure of segregation - indicates that segregation persists in a number of our region's counties.
  • Subsidized and affordable rental housing is largely lacking in high opportunity areas near jobs and services.
  • Residents of our region's highest poverty Census tracts are mostly racial and ethnic minorities and are disproportionately impacted by limited access to job training centers, homeownership opportunities, areas free from environmental hazards, and affordable housing.

FHEA Recommendations

  • Increase employment and build self-sufficiency of residents living in poverty-concentrated areas.
  • Promote balanced housing stock where subsidized and affordable housing stock is lacking.
  • Revitalize disadvantaged communities.
  • Increase income diversity.
  • Preserving cultural heritage.
  • Minimize displacement of current residents.

Want to know more about how the report was developed? Download a summary.


The Fair Housing Equity Assessment
BBC presentation to FHEW 06-13-2013
Fair Housing and Equity Workgroup Agenda 06-13-2013
Working Draft - BBC Section II
BBC presentation to FHEW 04-25-2013
Fair Housing and Equity Workgroup Agenda 04-25-2013
Fair Housing and Equity Workgroup Agenda 03-19-2013
Kirwan Institute - Comprehensive Opportunity Index
Fair Housing and Equity Workgroup Agenda 02-20-2013
Fair Housing and Equity Workgroup Agenda 10-11-2012
Fair Housing Equity Assessment Overview


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